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Let’s Go Shopping In Alibaug - Make Your Beach Getaway Even Better!

Shopping in Alibaug.
Let’s Go Shopping In Alibaug - Make Your Beach Getaway Even Better!

If you are looking for a beach getaway near Mumbai, then there is no place like Alibaug! It is filled with golden and sparkling beaches, forts and various attractions. Being close to Mumbai, it can easily be accessed with the help of a ferry service from Getaway Of India. Along with it, there are many shopping options in Alibaug.

Best Places For Shopping In Alibaug

We have listed the best places for shopping in Alibaug to make your beach getaway even better!

Raigadi Bazaar

If you are looking for a nice bazaar that sells Kolhapuri Shoes and Sandals, then Raigadi Bazaar is the place for you! The market is close to the main beach and is one of the best places for shopping in Alibaug. The market offers Kolhapuri shoes in a variety of designs, making them a treat for the eyes.

Apart from shoes, the bazaar also sells leather bags and belts. It also sells commodities for regular use, making it a great bazaar for locals as well. You can also relish some delicious regional cuisine in the food stalls located in the market. If you want to explore a fabulous shop in Alibaug, Raigadi Bazaar is the one for you!

Address: Koliwada, Alibaug, Maharashtra - 402201

Lavish Antique Clocks

For clock enthusiasts, it cannot get any better than this! Lavish Antique Clocks is an antique clock store that sells a huge variety of old yet beautiful clocks. The watches are also unique and handcrafted. Many clocks have frames made up of copper, white metal, brass and coins.

In the shop, you will get a variety of clocks - table clocks, regular wall clocks, pocket watches and more! If you gifted our loved ones something special (or yourself), then this is one of the best places to shop in Alibaug.

Address: Alibaug - Revas Road, Man Tarf Zirad - 402201

Nostalgia Enterprises

If you are looking for a well-designed store then Nostalgia Enterprise will surely make you smile. The furniture also gives you a feel of Alibaug as well. The shop sells several products such as tops, pants, scarves, hats, bags, sunglasses, jewellery and more.

Apart from Apparel and accessories, it sells swimsuits, sandals and flip-flops as well. It is the perfect place for fashion shopping in Alibaug.

Address: Shop No 1047/946, Alibaug - Revas Road, Alibaug, Zirad - 402201.

Bayside Curio Store

Bayside Curio Store is a store located on the beach that sells several items ranging from crop tops, swimsuits, shorts, caps, sunglasses and more! In case, you have forgotten to get your swimwear in Alibaug, this store is for you.

Bayside Curio also sells jewellery made of beads, shells, semi-precious stones, woods, horns etc. The store not only sells unusual things, but the ambience of the store is quirky as well. The items in the shop are on the pricer side, so you will need to be careful while you shop there.

Address: Beach Box Container Park No, 8 and 9, Mandwa Jetty Road, Kolgaon - 402201.

With so many great places for shopping in Alibaug, you will surely have a great beach getaway! If you want to experience Alibaug at its best, you should come to Bhumi Cottage.

Bhumi Cottage is the best hotel in Alibaug, a perfect combination of traditional architectural style and modern amenities. We have a swimming pool, private parking and offer delicious food as well! So what are you waiting for! Book a weekend with us now!

Shopping In Aliabaug - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the best places for shopping in Aliabug?

There are many places to shop in Alibaug. Some of the best places are Raigadi Bazaar, Lavish Antique Clocks, Bayside Curio Store, and Nostalgia Enterprises.

How Far Is Alibaug From Mumbai?

The distance between Mumbai and Alibaug by sea is 16 kilometres. It takes 45 minutes to reach Mandwa Jetty by Ferry from Getaway of India.

Which is the famous fort in Alibaug?

The Kolaba Fort is the famous fort in Alibaug. It is located amidst the sea and can be easily accessed by boats.

Which are the best beaches in Alibaug?

The best beaches in Alibaug are Nagaon Beach, Alibaug Beach, Kihim Beach, Mandwa Beach, Varsoli Beach, Revdanda Beach and many others!

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